For Founders

Who We Like to Invest In?

We want to invest in founders who take on the status quo, break obsolete rules and norms, are motivated by a deep inner desire to propel an industry forward, who have the courage to face adversities, the will and patience to last the distance, the stubbornness to “Never” take no for an answer, the flexibility and nimbleness to iterate if confronted with a failure and the hustle to keep striving for excellence.

Why PanCosmic Capital?


Access to Seasoned Investors, Operators, Successful Entrepreneurs and C-Suite executives from Fortune 500 companies.

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"Hustle" to help startups fight clouds of uncertainty

Do "Whatever it Takes" for Startups to Succeed

"Rational Deliberation" to Enable Methodical Scaling

VC as a "Conduit" not a Governor



Create Diligence Based "Signal" at Early Stage to Attract Customers and Investors

"True" Value Creation for Portfolio Companies

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Change Paradigm At Early Stage Venture

Globalization of Venture Capital

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How We Create Value?


Product Strategy

Product Use Cases

Product UI/UX

Product Features


Business Development

Customer Connections


Investor Connections



Team Building Strategy

Engineering, Sales, BD Hires

Executive Hires


Pitch Deck

Valuation / Dilution Analysis

Investor Introductions


GTM / Financial Strategy

Go To Market and Sales Advisory

Financial Statement Analysis

Operational Strategy



Media Connections / Public Relations (PR)


Long / Short Form Content


Global Expansion Support

Foreign Subsidiary Formation

International Taxation

Global Business Development and Recruiting

Corporate Governance

Board Member

Quarterly Review

Product / Financing / Marketing / Recruiting Strategy