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Alan Boehme

Advisory Board + Investment Committee Member

Alan Boehme is an Advisory Board Member of PanCosmic Capital and part of the Investment Committee.

Alan is currently the Chief Technology Officer at H&M, a multinational clothing retailer with $34B in market capitalization (July 2021) and ~$20B in annual sales (2020). Alan is in charge of leading technology operations and digital transformation of H&M’s diverse and vast technology infrastructure with physical stores in 74 countries and e-commerce operations in 33 nations worldwide. 

Alan is a renowned global expert on technology driven digital transformation, business innovation and has previously served as the Global CTO of both Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble and CIO of Juniper networks. Alan has received worldwide acclaim for his ability to jump-start and transform global business through the innovative use of technology to enter new markets, improve customer service and enable business process change across a wide range of functions.

Alan is also an advisor to Nutanix (~$8B market cap), Netskope ($3B valuation) and Velocloud ($450M acq. by Vmware).

In his free time, Alan likes to explore the potential of emerging technology as it relates to future social impact. He also likes to relax at the beach – enjoying sites and sounds after being locked up due to Covid.